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USC Color Guard

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for the colorguard

March 14, 2011

Hey guys- I'm working on updating the site as well, so any pictures or information that would be helpful to put on the site can be sent to my email ( or through facebook to me or Julianne. Looking forward to a great season, guys!


March 13, 2011
Hey Everyone! This website hasn't been updated in forever! I'm going to try and keep it as updated as I can starting right now! :-) The 2011 season is going to be super awesome! Hope to see you all there!

August 10, 2009

Hey girls! I hope you all had an amazing summer. Can't wait to see everyone at band orientation on Saturday, August 15th. 

April 24, 2009

Thanks to all of you who came out on April 18th to try out. Congratulations to the 15 of you who made it! Additional information will be sent out later in the summer from the Band Office concerning the upcoming season. Be sure if you have time today to check out the band hall dedication at five at the new band hall on Sumter St. Have a safe and amazing summer, see you all at band camp! :)

March 26, 2009
Hey everyone! Tryouts are coming up soon! They will be held on April 18th at the NEW BAND HALL :D Please bring the provided audtion form with you to tryouts. This form also contains additional information including the time and what we will be learning the day of auditions. See you then! Good luck! 

January 6, 2009
Happy New Year you guys. I hope everyone had an amazing time at the bowl trip last week, with the exception of the game itself. Auditions for next season are in April and there will be updates closer to that date. I hope all of you guys had a chance to say goodbye to those who won't be returning next year, especially Stacey since she's graduating. It was an amazing season and a lot of fun. Make sure to thank Stacey and Jordan for their amazing leadership this season and Garry for being there to write flag work for the shows. Also, make sure to say goodbye to Dr. Brozak as he will not be returning next year. He has been very good to the colorguard section and a very good band director. Good luck in the next semester and I hope everyone comes to tryouts in April!
December 18, 2008
Hey everyone!! So the bowl trip is coming up in about a week. Itinerary is out, make sure you look it over. Make sure you remembered everything from your dorms including earrings, shoes... your uniform; most dorms are going to be closed when we get back. Have an amazing holiday and enjoy the rest of your break. See you on the 29th!! :)
December 1, 2008
Hey girls!! It's been a super amazing season (even though we lost to Clemson) and I hope all of you come out to the colorguard dinner tonight at 6:30 at California Dreaming. The band banquet is also tomorrow. It's semi-formal so wear something nice. We aslo have practice this week so make sure you check your e-mail for rehearsal schedules.
I also hoped you new kids enjoyed secret pals and finding out who your person was! I also hope you guys had a good time this semester and decide to return next year :)
Also, we will be going to a bowl game this year. The Outback Bowl in Tampa, Florida. According to Dr. Brozak if you missed it, the trip will be about 4 days long. Keep checking your e-mail for more information about that, too.
See ya'll tonight!!
November 18, 2008
Only one game left!! :) In case you didn't get the note in Stacey and Jordan's goodie bags, here it is:
"Girls!!! Me and Jordan wanted to tell you all thanks for such a GREAT season! It was amazing and you all worked so hard to make us look wonderful, and we did look wonderful! I hope you all have an amazing time in Florida this weekend, and next weekend in Clemson, then hopefully at a bowl game!?! I can't believe this season went so fast, I had a great time all thanks to ya'll!"
-Stacey and Jordan
It was way sweet so I wanted to make sure that just in case you didn't get their gift.
*Another thing!
The colorguard dinner will be the Monday after the Clemson/Thanksgiving weekend. It will be at California Dreaming but we don't really have a time yet so just keep checking back.
Remember that this next secret pal gift is the last and should be a bigger one and it's also the reveal! Hurray! So for those of you who really had no idea who your pal is, you finally get to know. Fun stuff. See you at practice!
November 9, 2008
Amazing last home game!
Remember that we're still doing secret pal gifts for the last two games because we'll be performing and be sure to give Stacey and Katie hugs since they won't be returning next year! We'll miss them :).
Make sure you make arrangements over christmas break for the bowl game. I looked at the espn website and it says we're probably going to the Outback Bowl which is January 1st. BUT! don't write it down. haha I'm just guessing along with espn. Wait for news from Dr. Brozak to make sure. See ya'll Monday!
October 22, 2008
Hey girls! 2008 Colorguard t-shirts are in. You must pay Stacey your amount due before you can recieve your shirt. If you have questions about how much you owe, ask Stacey.

This information is updated frequently and is helpful to current colorguard members. Check back often for new updates. :]

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